Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning is not due for publication until October release, but you can see some of John's art for the graphic novel right here!

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A selection of pages from issue 1 of a five-issue series for DC/Wildstorm, written By Dave Gibbons, penciled and inked by John. Having a variety of styles, John tries to find one to fit a particular job, but with TBJ he feels he has hit a "style mother-lode" with which he is comfortable, and wants to explore on other projects.
Published April to August 2006

A selection of pages from issue two. John started to get to grips with the characters in this issue and finally had the opportunity to draw the Gods in all their barbaric splendor.

A series of illustrations for various publishers.
Penciled and inked by John.

A selection of pages from the origin episode for this new 2000 AD character, created by John Higgins and Rob Williams. John felt what Rob had come up with in terms of story, characterization and humour had a sense of those classic 2000 AD stories that he had admired so much when he first started working for 2000 AD, he wanted to draw and colour in particular way to step it away from his usual style.
Published in the Megazine January 06. Penciled, inked and coloured by John and TCS.

A mini comic commissioned by Third Planet International, a free comic magazine to insert with the computer game of the same name. Written, penciled, inked and coloured by John and TCS from a concept by TPI.
Published in 2000, John had the full confidence of the design group who gave him complete artistic freedom with TPI's overview. Ensuring it was closely related to the design and story direction of the game itself, John went for a "comic" style on this one, using speed lines, Zap and Pow effects.

Commissioned by Com X for their preview magazine. Penciled, inked and coloured by John and TCS. Written by Russ Uttley with a high style layout and design by John for Com X. John was very happy to be involved with this young company and went on to produce a new two-issue story of his character Razorjack with them.

A commission by BBH, an award-winning international Advertising and Design Group, to promote a new line of Levis fashion products, with a 22-page 3D comic magazine. Penciled, inked and coloured by John and TCS.
From initial commission to print ready art, John turned this 22-page book around in record time, working very closely with the company at all stages from initial designs, revisions and also incorporating the client's fashion directions and still hitting the print deadline.
Published 2003.

A wonderful opportunity to revisit old "comic" friends, the characters in Faces first appeared in 2000 AD in the eighties, written by Pete Milligan. When John approached Matt Smith (editor of 2000 AD) with the idea for Faces, Matt decided he wanted a female to lead the story, even if the female was a grey-skinned alien called Kilquo. So twenty years later we find out what happened to Kilquo and Carl Woolf. Co-written with Mindy Newell, a talented American writer who had written extensively for Marvel and DC comics.
Co-written, penciled, inked and grey-toned by John. He wanted to go completely cartoon on this one. Hello Tom and Jerry!

An important series for John, written by Jamie Delano; a very under used writer. John's first series for DC comics after Watchmen.
Co-created with Jamie Delano, fully painted art by John. Published by DC comics 1989. John and Jamie own the copyright to this six issue series, if any publishers or film production companies are interested in acquiring the rights to an original, future-Earth story that depicts DNA manipulation taken to a nightmare conclusion, get in touch!

A selection of pages from a story originally written by Garth Ennis from a concept by John for DC Comics' short-lived Judge Dredd Comic. It was re-edited a number of years later to fit the format of The Megazine. John tried a new way of producing colour art by penciling the images to a high finish, then scanning the pencils into the computer and colouring in Photoshop.