The website has finally been updated! Delays have been due either to pressure of work or sheer laziness on John's part, but finally he has managed to give enough information and images to his webmaster, the ever-resourceful Michael Carroll, who somehow manages to juggle a full-time career as a writer as well as manage John's site. (Check Michael's site in Links).

We hope that now we have created a website template to work within, it will be a changing and growing site that will be regularly updated, so please check back often. One new feature is the Studio Shop where John will be offering for sale comics, prints of artwork and original art.

When John moved studios he found a sealed box, which upon opening he found contained Watchmen items from the 1986/7 period, among these items in the box were signed limited-edition poster portfolios.

The one section John had a serious look at was the Gallery, being around as long as he has been and illustrating so many forms of art he felt this section should be clearer, so he has tried to simplify the Gallery to feature individual pieces, specific groupings or a comic series he has worked on, other work he has fitted into the Odds and Sods section, early pieces or private commissions.